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I LOVE my job!! Being a Realtor is both rewarding and fun! I love my clients and they love me back – we are an unstoppable team working toward a goal of home ownership and real estate success!

I have been Utah’s Premier Realtor for 14 years. I am a member of the 2015 Million Dollar Club at Stonebrook Real Estate. I have been married for 21 years and we have 4 beautiful boys. I am heavily engaged in community service and promoting involvement to make changes for the better in everything I do. As my wise mother always taught me, “What comes around goes around”, and I am committed to making only good things come my way through exceptional service to my clients/family/friends!

Heather Merchant

Nine years ago I took a job at the front desk of a real estate office, and I knew nothing about the field. I had never purchased a home and my husband was a student in grad school. The only reason I knew that owning rental property was a ‘thing’ was that I did my dad’s books when we owned an apartment complex. He used to tell me to always look for the “win-win” in business–where everyone benefits and to find solutions to problems. When working at this front desk job, I did not expect to completely fall in love with investing in real estate.

I walked out of my first investor presentation and my mind was reeling. I convinced my husband to come to our office on a Saturday and listen to him talk about the tax benefits, the cash flow, the ‘wealth accelerators’ (tenants) who pay your mortgage and got him on board.

Years went buy and I would come home from work and tell my husband, “Man…I wish you were done with school so we could buy a rental property!” After I became pregnant with my twins, I decided to get my license and sell rental property.

It took me 6 months to get my license while I took care of babies. I think I shocked everyone when I came into the office ready to pass my exam. I fell in love with real estate first, and helping clients achieve their financial goals second. Watching clients change their financial future and their retirement goals is inspiring. I saw how we created a “win-win” in the business world. We help clients achieve their financial goals while we as individuals and a company achieve our own dreams. It is just as rewarding as it sounds.

Brad Nelson


I have been working in Utah’s real estate markets for over 10 years. Buying, selling & remodeling homes for many years! Marketing & advertising are lifelong passions. I have a A.A.S. in Graphic Design so I see things from a design side. My expertise is in residential real estate. I enjoy water sports & off-roading. Also winter sports, running, biking, tennis & basketball. I have lived in Utah County and Salt Lake County areas since 1976 and find great satisfaction in

Isaac Quintana

Isaac Quintana

Kody L Condie

Kody L Condie

Taminna Taylor

Kody L Condie